Your unfair advantage!

Welcome to Soccer Mystic, the revolutionary ground-breaking new trading software for those that trade or bet on soccer markets. Bet Angel  (visit link) revolutionised the way people used Betting Exchanges and Soccer Mystic continues that heritage by fundamentally changing the way the soccer markets are traded.

Soccer Mystic has a vast range of unique features including the patent applied for Soccer Mystic price predictor. This incredible tool allows you to see the future of a soccer match and play out strategies before the match has even started! Built in artificial intelligence allows it to monitor and improve its performance.

Inside Soccer Mystic you will also find easy to use, powerful tools designed specifically for football. Never seen before features, combine with powerful tools, to create a unique way of interacting and profiting from soccer markets. Soccer Mystic can enable you to radically improve your chance of profiting from soccer from day one!

Soccer Mystic is for serious users who really want to deploy the most effective tactics available in the markets. If you want a clear edge, Soccer Mystic Professional is a unique product that delivers.

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Five reasons to use the incredible Soccer Mystic

Unique : -

Unique technologies allow you to create a unique view of the market, see the future and carefully manage your risk.

Innovative : -

Soccer Mystic gives you market advantage with powerful features never seen before!

Proven : -

Soccer Mystic uses Bet Angel’s market leading trading platform. The power behind over the most effective exchange users in world!

Profit : -

Get a clear edge in the market not only from the features but also the performance of this evolution in betting and trading.

Professional : -

Well established and Betfair® approved software.